Category: 1918-1940 Postals

The following stamps below were the basic issues for all possible postal needs and for an indefinite period of time.  Subsequently, definitives are issued in many denominations and depending on the time a type is being issued, many varieties of color, perforations etc exist.  Latvian stamps may also be classified as definitives when they were not only sold by the major post offices (Latvian:  Pasta Kantoris, PK), but also at most branch offices (Latvian: Pasta Palignodala, PNN) in rural areas.  This fact can be established even today by analyzing postmarks on stamps in a large postmark collection.  Because of these features the quantities issued of definitives are considerably greater than those of all other classes.  Definitives are never burdened by surcharges, and are a very interesting field for variety collectors.  (Copied from The Postal and Monetary History of Latvia 1918-1945 by N. Jakimovs, V.Marcilger)

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Sun Design


Riga Liberation

1st Anniversary

Liberation of Kurzeme

Liberation of Latgale

1st Const. Assembly

Coat of Arms

10th Anniversary

Commerative Issue

Latvian Authors

White Cross Issue

Ulmanis Issue

20th Anniversary

5th Anniv. coup d etat

Harvest Festival Issue

Simplified Coat of Arms