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Category:   1918-1940 Airmails   Group:    Issue C


c06lvmnh1.jpg (81090 bytes)
10 Santimu
c07lvmnh1.jpg (84024 bytes)
15 Santimu
c08lvmnh1.jpg (87366 bytes)
25 Santimu

     The design of this third and last issue is again the same as of Issue A.  The stamps are printed on the swastika watermark paper as all other stamps beginning in 1927.  The swastikas appear in "normal" and "reversed" position.
    According to A. Rucins some 50 (60) imperforated stamps of Issues B and C were set aside for the state archive, which during World War II came into the hands of German occupation officials.  The stamps were printed in panes of 100 stamps.


Denomination Date of issue Quantities issued
10 Santimu   411,800
15 Santimu   260,800
25 Santimu   200,000