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Category:   1918-1940 Semi Postals   Group:    Latvian Liberation Memorial


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3 Sant.
194lvmnh.jpg (73606 bytes)
5 Sant.
195lvmnh.jpg (76984 bytes)
10 Sant.
196lvmnh.jpg (80020 bytes)
20 Sant.
197lvmnh.jpg (93542 bytes)
30 Sant.
198lvmnh.jpg (110791 bytes)
35 Sant.
199lvmnh.jpg (97321 bytes)
40 Sant.

   On July 12th, 1937 a set of seven stamps was issued, which was meant to sustain the memory of the War of Liberation monuments. No special financial gains were pursued with this issue.  The stamps became a collector's item not only by philatelists, as they were considered as one of the best designed stamps of Latvia.   They were also quite frequently used for postage on regular items of mail as a means of decoration.
  The first five denominations were printed on thick chalky paper, without watermarks.  The 35 and 40 Santimi stamps were printed on regular wove paper with swastika watermarks.
   3 Sant.      War Memorial at Rauna, near Cesis
   5 Sant.      Part of the sculpture assembly at the Soldiers Cemetery gate in Riga
  10 Sant.     Liberty Memorial at Jelgava
  20 Sant.     War Memorial in Riga
  30 Sant.     Liberty Memorial at Iecava
  35 Sant.     Monument of Lacpleses (bear killer), a legendary hero of ancient Latvia.  Part of   the Liberty Monument in Riga
  40 Sant.     Tomb of Col. O. Kalpaks, first Commander of the Latvian Army.

Denomination Date of issue Quantities issued
3 Santimi July 12th, 1937 100,000
5 Santimi  July 12th, 1937 100,000
10 Santimi  July 12th, 1937 100,000
20 Santimi  July 12th, 1937 100,000
30 Santimi  July 12th, 1937 100,000
35 Santimi  July 12th, 1937 100,000
40 Santimi  July 12th, 1937 100,000

    The stamps were valid for postage until August 31st, 1940.